Impatient much?

Pebs, doesn’t really grasp the concept of standing still…



Two idiots and a pony

Pony-jumping was on today’s schedule – that meant that both me and Jenny got our fair share of excersise… Jenny was first out:



hopp1Then it was my turn…

hopp2Somehow I think we humans had more fun than the pony …




The first hack out with Souri

We survived! Even though I had no idea where the roads would take us… our designated hacking companion was a little bit too busy to join us so we ventured out by ourselves.


It’s a bit special riding an unfamiliar horse in unfamiliar terrain. You never really know what might pop up behind the next corner. Souri did good though and we had a fairly relaxed and nice hack of about an hour.

The moment you know you’re about to hit the ground

Today offered autumn weather at it’s best; full storm. But I’m not the kind of rider to bail on a hack out just because the weather isn’t to my liking so me and Pebban headed out.


And not to far from home we encountered some water puddles and Pebban sort of threw a little tantrum after I gently gave her a little squeeze with my legs to urge her on. Up with her head, waving it around and jumping out on the plowed fields while rearing and jumping…all the while the saddle slipped to the side and suddenly I was in the air. Pebban is not very high so not much time to ponder the situation before a piece of mud found its way into my eye and the fall was a fact.


Pebban stood like a light while I fixed the saddle and made sure to fasten the girth a little tighter. Then back in the saddle for a lovely relaxed ride through the forest.


Such a pleasant little horse

Pebban is growing on me by the day. She’s such a quiet and pleasantly enthusiastic little horse.


Today we headed out to the sand track again. She was like a little locomotive in the trott, tugging very soft and gently on the bit wanting to run a little faster but listening very well when I gathered her up. We took a little gallop up the hill and then we explored the surroundings a bit.


The weather was really strange. Quite warm and humid and Pebban soon got rather sweaty (as did I) even though we took it easy and didn’t trott more than usual.


One hour in the saddle and a 20 minute walk next to a very pleased horse.


An MRI later & two weeks waiting…

My alarm went off at 04:35 this morning and I arrived at the stable at 5:38.


Shortly there after Cariño was on the trailer and we were on our way. A two hour drive to Hästkliniken in Sigtuna.


Since the MRI was to be done under quite heavy sedatives we left Cariño in the capable hands of the veterinarians and their assistants.


Best case it would take two hours so we headed out for a drive to the shopping centre close by and (what do you know…) a big equestrian sports shop!


We killed some time at Börjes before heading back to the clinic where a rather wobbly and groggy Cariño soon appeared for us to pamper with.


He got an IV attached to his neck to help sobering him up again and an extra blanket because he started shivering from getting cold as the sedatives wore off.


After the IV, a nice big bucket of mash and some hay the veterinarian checked his temperature and sent us on home. Now all we can do is wait and see: the result is expected to take about two weeks. I guess both horse and humans needs to be patient but it’s hard when you want the result now, now, NOW! Yes. Patience.

And a lovely hack out with Pebban

My muscles were crying after that beam and jumping session with Souri this morning but that’s life. On to the next stable and the next horse to make sure that Pebbles got her share of excercise.

pebbanShe’s such a sweet little horse! A bit on her toes today as it was quite windy but no funny business or any ideas about who was in charge. We took the forest round, which is basically a trail through the forest and then a ride on the asphalt and dirt roads, takes about an hour to complete.

pebban1We found some good patches to trott on and a nice little piece of ground to try her gallop for just a few paces. I think she enjoyed that just as much as I did! At this stage focus is on riding her in walk and trott with only short bits of gallop now and again. We need to build her up gradually (like with every horse who’s recovered from an injury) and the best way to do so is nice long walk outs on various surfaces. The trott helps build her stamina but the walk lays the foundation to a healthy happy horse.



A near “near ground” experience

Man, did I have an interesting morning, haha. After breakfast I headed out to Gällersta where I met up with Lina for another jumping session in the manege. I warmed Souri up and then started working him over some beams (gallop-beams may be my kryptonite, at least if you ask my poor muscles!) before Lina got in the saddle to work him over some fences.

Then it was my turn to jump an oxer and that looked like this:

Ögonblicksbild 1 (2013-10-21 19-49)Ögonblicksbild 1 (2013-10-21 19-40)Ögonblicksbild 2 (2013-10-21 19-40)Ögonblicksbild 3 (2013-10-21 19-40)

I will spare you the video fotage of this specific jump. It was all me, obviously. I’m just happy that I managed to stay in the saddle and actually clear a few jumps in a decent manner once I figured out how to pilot Souri in the best manner. It’s always a bit tricky in the beginning when you don’t know the horse or the best way to ride it. We’ll get there though.

hopp1It’s all about finding the rhythm and the same wavelength.

hoppI really need to work on not losing the reins over the jumps.

The difference between walking a horse or a pony

Today I was made quite aware of just how big of a difference it is to walk a 1.60 meter high warmblood compared to taking walks with a 94 centimeter high pony.

linus6While Dessi walks. fairly fast for her size I suppose, Linus powerwalks and so does the humans walking alongside him, whether they like it or not.
linus4It seemed only fair that Linus got a walk after Dessi had her excercise of the day. Altough it was a bit chilly both Jenny and myself was soon warmer than pleasant in this climate. You don’t want to unzip your coat and let the biting cold air in but at the same time you’re getting warmer and warmer… the joys of winter.

linus1We took the “scary” walk with several bridge crossings and Linus was such a brave good horse!

Linus2This walk takes about an hour and a half with Dessi, at Linus pace we made it around in somewhere close to an hour.





Another mile-stone in the life of Dessi the pony

I guess it’s fair to say that Dessi is progressing very nicely as a riding pony. No fuss, no objections – she just does as she’s used to; goes along with the humans.

dessi5Fourth time with a rider in the saddle today. Alva is progressing as well, as she’s getting to know Dessi a little bit better and dares to shorten the reins up and ride on her own.

dessi4Looks quite nice, don’t you think? About the mile-stone …

dessi3Dessis first time trotting with a rider in the saddle! I think both pony and rider had some difficulties finding a comfortable pace at first.

dessi2But after a little bit they both seemed more relaxed and comfortable with the higher pace.

dessi1I dare say that Dessi got the hang of this by now and her little rider seemed happy to finally get to try her at a trott.







Riding my ass off…

… pretty much. Souri makes me work in a different way than Cariño. Of course we don’t know one another yet and Lina keeps telling me that it’ll get easier once I find the right buttons. Today jumping was on the schedule, yay.

ridingI rode Souri to the manege and warmed him up before working him over some beams in gallop.

riding2My breathing was a little better this time around, compared to Wednesday’s riding – it’s getting better and better! And considering the sore muscles after Wednesday and the soreness I’ll feel after today’s riding will only make me stronger.


Unfortunately my camera did not agree with the light in the manege so most photos turned out blurry.

riding4After warming Souri up Lina got in the saddle for some jumping before it was my turn to take a few jumps (film of this to be expected tomorrow!).

souriI think we were all rather pleased, me, Lina and Souri!





Before & after photos of Souri

If the car surprised me by starting right away yesterday today offered a puzzling hour of trying to figure out why it wouldn’t start. It wasn’t particularly cold, the start-gas we tried did nothing so eventually we decided to charge the battery and wait a while. When dad was about to measure if the ignition was working properly the car decided to start and that was that. An hour delayed I finally made it to the stable where clipping Souri was the first task of the day.




after2These after pictures doesn’t really show the difference properly. Next time Lina is taking it all off, the legs as well so I expect an even clearer difference.

afterI think we horsenerds probably see the difference clearly (while the untrained eye might just see a horse…). My part of it all was actually just to keep Lina company, brush off the clipped off fur and distract Souri when it was time for clipping close to the head/the sides of his head.





A photo shot with Pebban

A clear blue sky and bright sunshine with patches of the first snow still covering the ground offered a perfect day for a photo shot.

pebban8So after our walk/ride Jenny put Linus back in the stables while Pebban and myself took to the fields.

pebban6I had expected her to object to have to leave her mate and have to work a little longer but she seemed to enjoy it.




Pebban is really the definition of a sweet horse.

pebban2Quite a bad poser though, but her cuteness makes up for that!